Tale As Old As Time

People are, naturally, needy. Some like to say they are lonely, that they don't need anyone because they are truly independent but that, and I'm sorry for the word, that is bullshit! Complete bullshit!
If by saying that you feel better with yourself that's with you, I've nothing do with that to be honest but I won't believe it. I just won't. We are needy. All of us. Which leads me to...

Why are we so needy? More... why, in some occasions, we only miss certain persons? Why don't we miss everyone we like in the same way? Do we secretely love one more than we love the other? There is something that person does so we remember her more often? What is it? The reason...

Have you ever felt the urge to talk with somebody every single day? Even if just for 5 or 10 minutes. Have you? Isn't it kinda weird?
I feel somewhat... well, I don't even know what I really feel. What I know is that I have a group of people who I have the urge, the need, to see and talk everyday. I just hope I don't turn out to be too needy. I wouldn't support the idea...

I like to think that I'm independent but I know I'm not. I need somebody with me. I need people around me. I miss them, I live with them. I need them.. with moderation.
After all, the others are always the reason for who I am, no matter if I am against or with them.

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