Strangled By the Thought

Disappointment. That’s the best word to describe this feeling I believe…

You say to someone they are your best friend. They say the same to you. Happiness is what you feel right? Of course. Later… later appears disappointment. There’s nothing worse than noticing that in the end that person doesn’t have the same definition you have for “best friend”.

It hurts that the “best friend” doesn’t have enough time to call you, send a text message, an e-mail or open a msn conversation by his own iniciative. It hurts when we find each other at the neighborhood and you just don’t show signs of slowing down, even if just for a small and fast talk.

It’s that… that awkard feeling I have sometimes when I start to believe I said to someone I like them way too soon and that was nothing but a jinx for the whole relationship. It’s just… that weird feeling you know?

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