You Won't Feel A Thing

When you are already used to anything from everyone you can't help but don't feel anything for a certain time. It isn't bad... it isn't good... it's nothing!
If you reach that state of mind, if you start not caring about a single thing, if you start feeling nothing related to what you do or people do to you then there's something wrong with you.

You are either already fucked up so badly that will take a miracle to put all your pieces together or you are just a few steps closer to have a giant mental breakdown where you will do nothing but cry.
Sometimes you'll know the reasons for why you are cryings, others you'll be crying just becayse.. others... others you'll just have no idea what's going on with the world or worst, with you...

But.. the thing is.. After awhile, even when you appear to be ok, or when you think you're ok, there's always a couple of things that will no longer have effect on you because after awhile yes, you just won't feel a thing due all you've been through before. After awhile you'll be a different person and after awhile you can't help but being indiferent towards some stuff...

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