A Little Respect

I'm not sure if I hate hate someone because, yeah, let's face it, it's a pretty strong word so... I'll just say that I really (REALLY) strongly dislike some people. More words than the necessary but it probably sounds better to most people.

Moving on... I may not like someone but that doesn't mean I need to be rude to them. It doesn't. Yep, sometimes I am but it's only because they ask for it but others I'm the most polite person I can be towards them, no matter our past and stuff like that. They are people (even if they are despicable and arrogant and just... urrgggg!!) and I still have a little respect because of that. Nope, the respect isn't directly towards them but to the fact they are human beings. That being said all I ask from them it's the same "little respect" I give to them.

Yes, I accept it. I'm conscious that I have a small (or even significant) group of people who don't like me but that doesn't mean they are rude to me and that I'm rude to them. Some ignore me and that's ok for me. Also, feel free to talk about me in my back, feel free to say whatever you wanna say but when talking to me on a daiy basis, as long as you treat me with a minimum of respect I won't care about that. Well.. at least not much as I used to.
I'm not your servant and you aren't mine either, I'm no less than you and you aren't even near of being my superior so.. slow down and think right and show respect every now and then.

So, remember... do it like me..
Even when you want to call someone lots of names or do anything else try to remain a little bit calm. Curse them in your head but show them a little respect. But only because they are human beings.
On the other hand... if the person is really really arrogant and urggg!! just forget everything I said before and curse them loud and properly with every single word you can remember because every now and then all they deserve is someone who has the courage to confront them and not back up. And if someone says anything.. say that you are doing that in respect for yourself.

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