Something To Die For

Would you die for something? How about someone?

Me? Well... ahmm.... maybe?! Yep, maybe. Why am I not sure? Easy!
This is a subject people often talk but the truth is we can't always be sure of what we are saying about it. Yeah, it's 'cute' to have an idea, an ideal of how good person we could be but if you aren't facing the situation on real time you can't have 100% sure of your reactions and actions. Who says your mind don't play a trick on you and just freeze? That's why I don't think that exists an absolute answer to this kind of question.

But yes, I do have my idea, my "ideal" of how I want things to happen. So if you ask "Would you die for your parents and/or siblings?", my answer will be yes. If it's true? I say yes too.

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